• Collaboration with partners in project, performance & quality management

  • Improved performance through enhanced KPI deficinition

  • Improved people management & leadership skills

  • Improved understanding of new technologies to enable faster product development.

  • Improved service quality and customer feedback

  • Faster time to market

  • Simplicity in products, services, infrastructure, architecture, processes & tools

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  • Standardization of infrastructure, APPLICATION, PROCESSES, & ARCHITECTURE

  • Consolidation of applications, data centres, suppliers and licensing

  • Rightsourcing (Insourcing or outsourcing where relevant)

  • Improved investment decision process, standardized business cases and ROI trackinG

  • Simplification of business processes to improve agility & quality of business processes

  • Reuse of applications implemented in OpCos, pursue SOA driven architectures, use off-the shelf products instead of custom developments

  • Promote innovation to business stakeholders

  • Proactive in identifying and selecting emerging technologies and solutions

  • Strengthen vendor partnerships through trust, risk sharing, balanced investments & benefits and gain access to new opportunities


Invixus Technology & Consulting Pvt Ltd.


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